Modular project development - with Maven and GIT

For sometime I have been searching for a combination for Multi-Module project development with SCM and Project Build tool. After using and testing some tools I have settled GIT and Maven; actually honestly speaking I have quite impressed by GIT. Though the main repository for my projects will be either CVS and SVN because provides those only but the developers will be requested/encouraged to use GIT (through online collab) as their local/team SCM/VCS. As result of my conviction I have decided to start a plugin for GIT-NetBeans integration as well; Almighty willing. At first I will use it for the DatabaseReport and JAIN SIP adapter projects. Everyone interested can join in any of the 3 projects (including the GIT-NetBeans Plugin).


  1. Hello, are you still working on a NetBeans Git module?I am also working on such support and have set up such a project here on GitHub:

    I'd love to see what you've come up with!

  2. Hi, can you please tell me where to find an easy to set up and try tutorial using Maven and git.. Thanks

  3. @Kenshin1733 Well I did not use the submodule feature of git that much, but have used Git and Maven. For example have a look @
    This project is maintained and released using Git.