Picasa on Ubuntu

I like Picasa to share photographs with my friends and relatives. I find it quiet annoying to use Picasaweb to upload pictures, Picasa (the desktop application) is just so cool. Thus I decided to install it on my Ubuntu; before starting the installation I did not except it to be a walk in the park, believe it or not it was.

Install Wine as specified in this blog; Then type winecfg in your console and you will see a GUI popping up. Ensure that your Windows Version in the Applications tab is Windows XP. Download Picasa and double click the exe it should start the installer in the Wine emulator; if not use the following command -
wine (Path-to-exe)/picasaweb-current-setup.exe
Now proceed with the installation as you would in Windows. If you choose to have a desktop shortcut you will see one in your desktop double clicking it would start picasa in your wine emulator. You can also start Picasa from your Applications -> Wine -> Programs -> Picasa2 -> Picasa2; you will also find the uninstall action there (which I did not use).
Now you can enjoy using Picasa on your Ubuntu; Happy Image Sharing!


  1. Why didn't you do it the easy way? See http://picasa.google.com/linux/download.html for more info. Google's Linux version is essentially what you did (Picasa running on top of WINE), but it's integrated a little better.

  2. Thanks Ian, but I did not previously find Picasa for Linux; downloading from the link you provided. Hopefully others will read the comment before reading the posting :-D

  3. I could not find how to login to picasa (google account) using the linux package; if possible someone please inform me about the how-to